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Ships fresh with gel packs. Fully cooked, ready to eat or reheat (instructions included). Refrigerate for up to 2-3 days or freeze for up to 4 months

Each Crab Weighs About 5.7 Lb. Fully Cooked and Frozen. Limited Annual Supply. Sustainably Harvested in Alaska)

(12-14 clusters) Very versatile and so easy to prepare. Each package of snow crab legs includes a generous portion of attached body meat, so you can easily satisfy even the heartiest appetites.

Pure meat only, no shell.  Exclusive Gourmet Fancy Pak. The crab flavor is delicious enough to eat by itself as well as make an amazing crab cocktail or crab salad.

Includes: (36) Prime Soft Shell Crabs

Primes measure 5″-5½”
Nice size, approx. 2 per sandwich

Each Leg Weighs 0.51 Lb Each on Average (209g-268g). Fully Cooked and Flash Frozen. May Include Claws. Each Leg Ships With 4/5 Segments Minimum, Pieces Sold Separately. Sustainably Harvested in Alaska

Naturally-molted for more white meat. DNA-tested to ensure no species substitution.

Will be packed in individual plastic containers. “Jumbo Lump” is the premium grade of crab meat which consist of whole lumps of white meat from the body of the crab with absolutely no shell or cartilage. 

All soft shell crabs should be cleaned, wrapped separately, frozen and ready for preparation.