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Packaging Information

Your crab is expertly packed with great care by our fulfillment team. Our corrugated boxes are clearly identified as “perishable” to ensure safe transportation of the crabs.

Your crab is carefully placed inside a temperature controlled Styrofoam cooler and corrugated box.

We use the industry’s best frozen gel packs to keep the crabs nice and cold until it gets to you.

Each item is individually wrapped and labeled for easy identification.

Delivery Days

Available delivery days will be displayed during checkout.

Deliveries to your door are scheduled Mondays through Saturdays.

There are no Sunday deliveries.

Return Policy

If your order is spoiled or damaged, we will replace it free-of-charge. If you receive an order that you suspect is spoiled, damaged, or incorrect in any way, please do not discard the contents. Contact us immediately. We may request that you return the order to us for inspection. If you are dissatisfied with your order, you must notify our office by email within 24 hours after receipt.

International shipping

We are currently shipping to Asia and Europe

Tracking Your Order

Once payment for our crabs has been confirmed, a tracking code is issued via email to the client to aid in tracking the package while in transit.

All PERISHABLE orders are shipped using trusted courier services in Styrofoam boxes, refrigerated using frozen gel-packs and/or dry ice. Please use caution when handling dry ice. There is no additional charge for packing materials.

Delivery Terms

Crabs are very perishable seafoods. All our shipments are packed with ample refrigerant to maintain the crabs in average weather conditions for the shipping period (estimated conservatively to allow for some extra time). It is recommended that someone be available to receive shipments from WonderCrabs upon delivery, or shortly thereafter. If you are sending a gift to someone, please notify them when to expect the delivery. If no one is available, and the package is left unattended for an extended period (especially in hot climates), we cannot guarantee that the crabs will remain in good condition.

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